15 Jul

Smart credit cards: an alternate of Android Pay and Apple Pay »

Why Smart credit cards came into picture where we have Android Pay and Apple Pay in trend ?
Not everybody desires to obtain purchases with their phones, it seems.

11 Jul

At last Apple fixes iPhone keyboard’s worst flaw in iOS 9 »

With iOS 9, Apple is finally fixing one amongst the platform’s strangest quirks: the keyboard can now not seem to be all caps, all the time.

08 Jul

How Facial Recognition effects the shopping »

Retailers have already got the technology to scan your face and track you, and that they expect to not have to be compelled to get your consent to try and do therefore.

07 Jul

World starting to call Apple’s Safari web browser ‘the new Internet Explorer’ »

Recent days Apple’s Safari web browser considered as an outdated program that people from different backgrounds don’t use.

07 Jul

New heart valves has never been easier! Thanks to advanced surgical technology »

One way to spice up performance in associate underachieving or aging heart is to induce a valve replacement.

29 Jun

Microsoft Office App, Sway, now on iPad »

Microsoft Office App, Sway, now on iPad
Microsoft Sway, a part of the Microsoft Office, helps create presentations with text, images, videos or charts and publishes the stories on webpages.

27 Jun

52 NBA Draft Pick Satnam Singh,First Indian player selected in the NBA Draft »

Satnam Singh, First basketball player from India drafted into the NBA. He is the 52 pick in the NBA draft. the Dallas Mavericks announced Thursday night regarding Satnam pick to their side.

27 Jun

U.S. defeats China in FIFA Women’s world cup 2015 »

U.S. Defeats China with 1-0 and entered into the semifinals against Germany. A 32 years old  U.S.

26 Jun

Unidentified Flying Object in India? Is It Real UFO! »

Unidentified Flying Object in India? Is It Real UFO!
A Kanpur boy , Abhijith claimed that he captured an UFO(unidentified flying object) while he capturing clouds in his mobile.

26 Jun

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting Divorced »

Yes, ‘In Touch’ magazine says Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile’s marriage is at the end.
The couple is about to get divorced by the end of this year.

25 Jun

Ps4 Game Planetside 2 is out now »

Planetside 2 PS4 game is released and now available in North America and Europe
Planetside 2 is now available for free to play and download in North America and in Europe there is an optinal

23 Jun

Iphone’s new accessory DXO One Camera with a 1-inch Sensor »

A new accessory for I phone from DXO could bring up the iphone’s game considerably.
This new DXO camera plugin is coming with super bright f1.8 aperture lens, and a megapixel of 20.

20 Jun

WeMesh Multimedia Messenger App lets users Watch Videos together »

Watching videos together with friends is always fun! We now have Wemesh, a mobile app which promises video viewing in perfect sync. You can also chat with friends at the same time.

20 Feb

ET deals: Dell Inspiron 13 touchscreen laptop for $600 »

We’ve started to anticipate more out of our laptops than we used to.

19 Feb

Know Your Movements: What Makes Your Wristwatch Work Quartz and mechanical developments, clarified. »

A battery sends an electric present to a minor, tuning-fork-molded bit of quartz, making it waver at 32,768 vibrations every second.

19 Feb

HTTP2 Is Coming To Upgrade the Internet »

HTTP, the web convention you’ve been underestimating for the greater part of your web-surfing life, is going for an enormous overhaul.

12 Feb

IPhone Latest Update: iOS 9 supposed to spotlight on dependability, execution increments »

 IPhone Latest Update :
On the off chance that new bits of gossip are to be accepted, Apple’s iOS 9 will be what might as well be called Mac OS 10.6, otherwise known as Snow Leopard.

12 Feb

Single person Valentine’s day »

Most importantly, don’t let individuals pity you for being single. You have not trespassed, you haven’t endured Tsunami either.

12 Feb

12 Feb

Bed Cartography »

Bed Cartography