05 Jul

Amazon thought for a way to ship its deliverable products in an easy and quick way. Amazon steps in to a new style of item shipping to the customer address without using the manual intervention. The project name called Amazon Prime Airdelivery drones.

Amazon Prime Air resembles the company’s true ambition that doesn’t just want to reduce the risk and reinvent the way customers shop for and purchases the products; it wants to upend all the ways that come across from customer item purchase to successful item delivery. In order to achieve the defined ambition it invented a way to ship the customer’s ordered products using the delivery drones which carries the purchased items from Amazon inventory to the customer’s shipping address.

Delivery Drone has the capacity to carry items are of 5 pounds weight in half an hour from their order completion. Still the delivery drones is in testing phase it might take another year to release in to the market. One trail version has been released to make people understand how the delivery drones will work.


Difficulties with Delivery Drones:

The only difficulty that might cause because of these drones is that they might fall in the middle of the shipping itself instead the shipping address. What if that hurts people, cause traffic issues? Like these so many questions rounding this concept.

Threats to the Drones from Human beings and Environment:

People have a habit to shoot the flying things all around. There is a threat that people might shoot at the delivery drones which will cause shipping spoil and will cause some issues if that blasted drone fell down at public area. Drones should work in all the kinds of weather. The Drones trajectory might distract because of weather conditions.

So, to avoid these kinds of difficulties Amazon is trying to implement the drone’s trajectory in such a way that it can’t be visible to the people from the ground and also they are making Drones in such a way that they will not disturb with the surrounding weather.

Especially Delivery Drones (Prime Air) has been very much useful for the Cyber Monday shopping. So many people on that day very eager to buy so many items because of cheaper rates the Amazon offers. In this case to reduce the traffic at the real store Amazon preparing the drones shipping for that day so that people can order items in online and the items will be shipped in an half an hour from they have finished order confirmation.

Let’s see how the Drones will fly here and there on that day like the birds. Hoping for the grand success of Amazon Prime Air – Delivery Drones.

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