12 Oct

Apple will reportedly reveal the iPad Air 2 on October 16

We’ve yet to receive our invite – clearly an oversight on Apple’s part – but the house that Jobs built will reportedly hold its next event on October 16.

And what should be scheduled to debut there but the highly anticipated iPad Air 2 and Apple’s new line of Retina-displayed iMacs?

Apple’s latest OS update, OS X Yosemite, will have a significant presence there as well, Re/code reports.

The iPad mini 3 could also make its first appearance at the same event, though this report makes no mention of it.

Ahead of schedule

If this rumor proves true then it seems the new iPad Air will debut a few days ahead of the previous expected debut date of October 21.

In any case the next Apple event will almost certainly be less exciting than the last one, at which the iPhone 6 took the spotlight and U2 played a single song that someone, somewhere was absolutely thrilled about.

But no matter what it will be more exciting (and less confusing) than Microsoft’s enterprise-focused Windows 10 event was.

iPad Air 2 may get a splash of gold

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