11 Jul

With iOS 9, Apple is finally fixing one amongst the platform’s strangest quirks: the keyboard can now not seem to be all caps, all the time. Like, you know, having the ability to inform if your keyboard is presently set to use capital letters or not. If you’re associate golem user, or somebody World Health Organization simply doesn’t accept stuff like this all that a lot of, you may haven’t any plan what I’m talking concerning.


You see, all told builds of iOS so far, the keyboard forever uses capital letters to represent every key — whether or not or not you’ve truly hit shift or have caps lock on.That works to a tolerable degree on physical keyboards — for the foremost half, you’re holding the shift key once you need shift turned on.

On a touchscreen keyboard, wherever you faucet shift rather than hold, it’s not thus easy. generally you faucet shift and forget, or faucet it on accident. generally the keyboard rolls into read with shift on by default.

To date, iOS has shown you’re in shift/caps lock by dynamic the colour of the shift key from gray to white. the top result: a full ton of “Wait. Crap. Shift is grey’d out. will that mean shift is on, or that shift is off? The letters square measure big… so… Buckeye State well, higher faucet a key to check it.”

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