03 Jul

Don’t you feel any time that if you have the efficient disk storage helps the computer performance, Disk Defragmenter helps to achieve this. That’s true absolutely free of cost ( Disk Defragmenter ). Just you need to do Disk Defragmentation of all your major disk partitions where you will save all your data, install software.

Whenever we save any data, install any software, uses flash drivers all these will be fragmented all over the disk space, this will make your computer very slow and reduces performance. The changes we do to the files often store in a different place rather than the original place. Disk Defragmenter rearranges the scattered data to make our disk runs more efficiently.

Disk Defragmenter runs on the schedule basis but we can Analyze the fragmented data and run Disk Defragmentation manually whenever we need to defragment our data.

Disk Defragmentation steps,

1) Open the disk defragmenter ( open start menu –> Search keyword DISK DEFRAGMENTER and click on DISK DEFRAGMENTER.

2) Under current status select you disk/driver needs to be defragmented.

3) To find out whether you disk/drive needs to be defragmented. If you are asked for the admin credentials please provide the necessary details.

Once the disk analysis is done, you can find the percentage of fragmented files If that count is greater than 10 you need to defragment the disk.

4) Click on “Defragment now”. If required please provide admin credentials.

The defragmentation will not allow you to do any tasks in the background when it is happening. It might take several minutes or hours time to the total defragmentation to be done depending on the fragmented files count and effect.

Note : Network locations can not be defragmented.




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