28 Jun




Are you tired of carrying laptop or handy device ? Google Glass will help you to get rid of this burden.

It is a wearable computer with optical head mounted screen. We can perform the tasks with hands free convenience. The optical screen just resides at the right eye side producing images with information like video messaging , It supports voice commands like OK GLASS, TAKE PICTURE etc. Google Glass available in more colors : gray, orange, black, white and light blue.

It was released only for the developers purpose now Google launched a new version for the normal users too. It has been designed in two different varieties one design contains Google glass attached to the normal specs model eye wear and the other one only contains the Google glass alone for the head holder.

The price of the Google Glass now is $1500. Maybe Google will drop the Google glass price gradually to allow the normal users to easily buy and use it.

We can say here with the Google Glass invention nothing is impossible to human being we can not guess what is going to be released in near future with this technological improvement.

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