23 Nov

Apple’s new patent suggests that iPhone 6 camera will have the capabilities like a Lytro camera.

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Lytro Camera


If you’re not familiar about Lytro camera, this camera dynamically choose a focal point after capturing an image by using “plenoptic” technology. This technology is well known as a “fire and forget” method.

As per Apple latest patent it’s camera includes re focusable imaging mode adaptor. No specific information has been revealed on iPhone 6, more over to sustain in this competetive market Apple needs to enhance it’s camera technology.


Earlier, Apple has stated that it would rather use 8-mega pixel iSight hardware for better performance than using the megapixel count. It is an approach that has been met almost all the critical honour with iPhone 5S’s imaging impressive capabilities.


Numerous reports indicate many of Apple’s products released since Jobs passed away have been developed in accordance to roadmaps he already laid out and it’s feasible the iPhone 6, complete with a Lytro-like camera, could be part of his posthumous plan.

In Earlier Steve Jobs has words with Lytro’s founder in September 2011 for filing the patent about this new camera technology. iPhone 6 is designed according to Steve’s plan. Now we are going to see Lytro camera technology in iPhone 6 ¬†very soon !!!!!!!!!!!!


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