09 Aug

We usually check our smartphones dozens of times a day continuously activating the energy battery, high resolution seven figure counts will display on to the screen by decreasing the mobile’s battery charging. The activities we perform most are for checking the time, for checking the notifications/messages/reminders. The battery life of the mobile can often waste away for these not such important tasks.

The solution to avoid this battery wastage and high screen resolution is to combine the E Ink Screen with the mobile either by appending it on the rare end of the phone display or by just using it as a functional cover for the mobile screen.

InkCase Plus plans to harness the idea of using the E Ink Screen as just the smartphone case, but takes the further idea of integrating the E Ink Screen with number of apps that adds the functionality as well rather than acts as only the mobile screen case.

The idea behind adding the applications to the E Ink Screen is to check the date and time, view notifications on the E Ink Screen with out directly checking the mobile screen, answer/decline the phone calls, view pictures, control the music player, to run fitness apps, store maps for offline use, e-reader for the books in the device memory.


Weight : 45g

Thickness : 5mm

Android Version : Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or above

Display area : 3.5 inch

Resolution : 360×360

Pixels per Inch : 200

According to the developers talk, the relatively small battery 500 mAh will give you an impressive and massive continuous reading, seven days in stand by mode. InkCase Plus is available in black and white colors.

Still the InkCase Plus is in kickstarter stage, once the developers reached their specified targets they are going to release the pieces to the market. The company is going to release the mass production in September, the first launch of the devices in the market is going to happen in October 2014.



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