23 Jun

A new accessory for I phone from DXO could bring up the iphone’s game considerably.
This new DXO camera plugin is coming with super bright f1.8 aperture lens, and a megapixel of 20.2 with 1 inch
This sensor can help to get amazing pictures with good quality and should enable great effects

When compare the size of DXO one with RX100 it is smaller & the lenth of this DXO One is equal to your iphone width and the thickness is one inch greater than your Iphone device.
The camera of this DXO-One can swivel around the lightning port.turning your iphone into a Swivel LCD Display
In this DXO One we can adjust the shetter speed and ISO manually with this we can able to get the pictures as similar as with DSLR and micro four thirds camera. and it can also able to capture the videos with good quality
it captures the video at 1080p/30fps, and for slow motion effects it caputers at 720p/120fps.

For storage purpose an inbuild micro SD card is present in this device.and if we want we can directly capture the videos and pictures into our iphone camera roll too.

We can say this device is an extra add on to the photographers kit. and the cost of this device in the market is $599 this is lesser than when we compare with RX100 ($1000)
but this DXO one has a limitation , with the fixed 32mm equivalent lens. Still it sounds like a good accessory.

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