29 Jun

Microsoft Office App, Sway, now on iPad

Microsoft Sway, a part of the Microsoft Office, helps create presentations with text, images, videos or charts and publishes the stories on webpages. It was launched in October 2014 and was available on web since then. Now, Microsoft has designed Sway for Apple and is now available on iPad and iPhone as a native app.It is available on Apple’s store. Sway creates presentations with ‘cards’. Once you create cards and put them in the desired order, everything is automated. User gives the content, Sway makes the presentation with a completely automated design process.


User can choose font, color, images rolling on screen. You can select horizontal or vertical scrolling. There is a remix button with which a new design can be tried. Edit and Preview are available to post and quickly see it from audience perspective.

With Sway, presentations can be made and published online very quickly and in a easy manner. You can also share your presentation  on social media like Facebook and twitter. Though it may  not be  a replacement for a proper web designer and publisher, it  works wonderfully well for publishing quick stories online for promotion or whatever the reason!

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