25 Jun

Planetside 2 PS4 game is released and now available in North America and Europe

Planetside 2 is now available for free to play and download in North America and in Europe there is an optinal in-game purchase on the playstation 4 store via digital download
to download this no playstation plus membership is required

TO get an enhanced planetside 2 experience a membership is also available for $14.99 per month
This includes A monthly battle cash grant,market place discounts.increased experience.resource gains and also certifications.access to a monthly double experience weekend event .priority log-in queue access before launch this planetside 2 developers tested various aspects of the game ,like server stability ,performance and lot more,and also they have adjusted and refined the features of the game based on the feedback

Planetside 2 is extremly good.and breaking guinness world record for most players online in a First person shooter battle earlier this year on the PC version of the game

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