02 Jan

Push bullet a service that acts as a bridge between your smart phone and laptop/Desktops.Have you ever been irritated to pull mobile from your pockets or run around to find your device to see when the device makes the slightest of the sound? If the answer is yes then Push bullet is the One stop solution and this will indeed will save your time and running around to find your device. Push bullet is available on Android, IOS platform and Browsers ( Chrome and Firefox).

Download the app from play store and login in with Google account and similarly do the same on browsers by downloading extension from store. Once this is successfully done, here on you can see every single notifications from your mobile device directly from the chrome/Firefox browsers without even bothering where the mobile device maybe. Its as simple as it could be

!!!!! But remember both your laptop and mobile should have working Internet connections.

Things that can be done using push bullet are

– Receive and Dismiss Notifications on Your phone/ Tablet from Desktop/Laptop

– Sync all your clipboard Acrosss all devices

– You can reply to text messages (In built message i.e., Mobile service costs apply)

– See all your whatsapp, hike, line, facebook, google+, gmail, news … etc

– Snooze few/all notifications if you don’t want those to be shown on your browsers

– Send text/file/link from your browser to your Android devices with just a push and vice versa is also possible.

– You can send data from browsers to your friends on Push bullet to (Just add them as your friends using their email id that’s it you can send to all of your friends or to a limited people)

– See all incoming calls from browser and ignore if it isn’t important at that point of time.

– Open a address link that has been pushed from browser using Maps App directly by clicking on the push that is received

– Subscrbe to Cool content with push bullet channels

Links :

Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pushbullet.android&hl=en

IOS : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pushbullet/id810352052?mt=8


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