07 Jan

Skype users in India get a restriction using skype to make calls

Skype users in India can’t call landlines and mobiles based inside the country. It’s mentioned at their official website that this has been enforced from Nov 10th 2014. Till date there is no official reason stated by Skype why they have stopped users from calling with in the country. Skype stop users in India can still call International landlines and mobiles and people from other countries can call land line and mobile users in India using their Skype credits.

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Possible reason behind

Few sources says that Skype has abandoned this feature as law in India prohibits terminating to PSTN over VoIP. However VOIP is allowed for International calls, so Skype can allow anyone outside India to call into India. This weird law is officially about national security, ensuring caller identity cannot be manipulated.

link: https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA34487/why-can-i-no-longer-make-calls-to-india-from-india

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