02 Aug

Spark Watch by Blanc:

It’s an another routine day, same office, same work, got tired of preparing documents. Without knowing yourself after some time your head will drops down to your chin, your eyes closes slowly like curtains, your spectacles falls down like flowing water, 10 minutes passed by you are in dead sleep.

Spark Watches are specially made for the students to control their sleep during the exams time and for the employees who sits ideally by doing the similar kind of work all the day.

You could not able to stop sleeping while you are in the middle of doing something. Spark comes into the picture now. Spark helps to wake you up from this fatigue/drowsiness by recognizing your body movement an actions and makes vibration effect to keep you awake.

Spark uses just two custom motion sensors which keeps track of our body movement patterns through out the day. It captures your body motion during the day and with this Spark can detect when we are sleeping as the body will not perform any action during sleep. Spark just gives the vibration effect which helps to awake you up from your nap. The vibration levels can be adjustable based on your preference. The different kinds of vibration levels have been developed to control side effects to the human body because of the unexpected vibrations during the idle mind state. Spark Watch is not completely water proof but most part of the watch is water resistant.

If you actually wants to sleep for a while you can turn the Spark mode to normal watch mode. So that the watch just acts as a normal watch.

The Spark watches are not in the market right now. By October they are going to release to the market. These watches are very much useful for the students, office employees to keep you awake.

Spark Watch has been designed and developed my the Blanc brand. The Price of the Spark Watch has not been finalized. Hoping to see the Spark Watches very soon in reality action mode.




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