28 Nov


Technological revolutions reached beyond human beings imagination. People are more These are very helpful in making people’s tasks digitizing. Some people get stuck with some tasks related to remote accessing of devices and systems. Now a days we will so many solutions to fix these kind of issues.

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team viewer


Team Viewer is a free software which helps to builds a Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) Connection.

By using this we can connect to any other PCs or servers around the world for to access them remotely. It can be compatible to any Operating Systems like  Windows, OS X, Android, Windows Phone operating systems.

Team Viewer is very helpful in the scenarios where you want to control your partner’s PC  without moving from your place. To start the Remote Session your partner need to install a small application which does not need any administrative rights. By using the Team Viewer IP from your partner you can connect to your mate’s computer.

People may afraid the other unknown may access our system using the same Team viewer IP but the most interesting thing about it is that the IP associate with the Team Viewer will keep on changing for every session to avoid hacking from the unknown users.

Team Viewer helps us to access the machine by using a web browser. The main aim of the Team Viewer is remote controlling of computers and for including collaboration between remote machine and local machine.




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