20 Jan

WebOS Smart Watch : Time for WebOS smart watches from LG

LG and Audi’s smart watch collaboration is one of the best deal found at CES 2015. WebOS installed on the wearable found at CES is just a prototype and no official name till date. There are many apps available such as caller, messaging apps, health apps, etc., on top of these there’s an Audi app that allows you to control various parts of a paired vehicle using NFC. Unfortunately , there’s still no word on when LG’s WebOS smart watch will actually hit the market. It has a rotatory menu view much like old fashioned circular view but something different than Android wear is going to be available in the market very soon and people have to wait until LG makes any official updates on WebOS smart watches.

But there’s much more. The settings menu also reveals that LG’s new watch will be able to connect to cellular data networks (T-Mobile is pictured), so you won’t need to depend on Wi-Fi or a nearby smartphone to use it. Built-in apps include a dialer and messages app, so it seems LG is aiming for the same users that Samsung has pursued with the Gear S. Music, calendar, email, and a health-oriented app are also part of the watch’s software, according to Android Central. The device’s build quality is reported to exceed that of LG’s past few, Android Wear-based products, so we’re very eager to hear the full story on this thing. Now that we’ve seen it, hopefully LG won’t wait long before spilling more details.



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