20 Jun

Watching videos together with friends is always fun! We now have Wemesh, a mobile app which promises video viewing in perfect sync. You can also chat with friends at the same time.

Based in Waterloo, Wemesh is a startup tech firm. Wemesh was launched by two tech enthusiasts, Michael Pazaratz and Saeed Darvish-Kazem. They are surprisingly medical doctors and not programmers, who were looking for an app to view videos together. When they didn’t find one, they decided to come up with one such app themselves.
Wemesh plays perfectly synchronized videos from You tube. You can search from the numerous You tube videos. Friends can have a vote on which video to watch next. It has text and voice chatting features. Chat while watching videos with friends, all in the same screen. It has social media integration feature also. And you can invite friends from Facebook or twitter to Wemesh.


WeMesh app uses a engine called “sync engine” which coordinates and synchronize two or more mobile devices to play video or music , whether the devices are side by side or in different locations

As of now, the videos are from YouTube, but Wemesh plans to enable selection of videos from phone’s gallery itself also, along with videos from Facebook, Daily motion and Vimeo.
With video synchronous precision of milliseconds, it is now more fun to watch videos. When you invite friend to a video, you both watch it exactly from the same part. You can also make the videos private, semi-private or public. You can spend more time with friends far way as well through this app. According to the company, on average friends spend 20 mins together on Wemesh app. They themselves are friends, who thought it would be fun to watch videos together. Wemesh is available in App store for free download.

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