06 Jan

Youtube for Android will allow you to save Videos offline and watch them later

Here’s a good news Youtube supports your favourite videos downloaded and watch them offline when you find time making Internet independent.  This is one of the best ways to watch uninterrupted videos as there is no hiccups with your slow Internet speed or buffering when watching some video and so on.  For instance if you are an employee who has to travel at least an hour before you reach office then you can download few movies, music, tech news and watch them by the time you reach office and this will keep you fresh and traffic  you encountered might not be in your thoughts when you reach office 😛

As mobile data plans rising every day very few will afford to watch any latest videos on their devices and this offline mode for video’s will help people to download the content when they are connected to wi fi network with the resolution which they would like to watch at later point of time. Thus this increase the usage of Youtube and also make users to return back to Youtube application. The downloaded videos are can’t be accessible from any other application other than Youtube android app.

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Technology used behind the scenes

-Google is using EXO file format to save videos.

-When user requests a download for a offline video download, the video is downloaded in chunks i.e., every video is downloaded in more than 2 parts and it is only possible for youtube application to make any sense of these chunks

-Once the download is completed then the video is converted to EXO format, encryption and compression is taken care by youtube app. Suppose to download a video if it had used 50MB of your data and then when it saves on your disc it is of 30MB

-When the video is watched offline using youtube application all these chunks are gathered together and decrypted real time thus making no other application to use these downloaded chunks

-You can’t share the video been downloaded by any means from one device to other



We would like google to give access to share offline downloaded videos in coming days

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